MARS Collection Agency

MARS Collection Agency specializes in apartment collection, billing service and Tulsa debt collection, and is Tulsa’s bad debt settlement solution for commercial, retail, medical, government, landlord / tenant lease defaults, subrogation, and telecommunications.

For over 33 years MARS, Inc. has been assisting clients with their accounts receivable needs. MARS started as a medical billing company in 1976 and since that date we have grown to provide accounts receivable management to all segments of the consumer and commercial industries. Increasing our client’s monthly cash flow is our top priority, and for this to be achieved there must be a strong relationship between agency and client. In doing this we have created many long-term, mutually beneficial partnerships. Presently, Mars Collection Agency does a significant amount of apartment collections, and we consider landlord / tenant lease defaults to be our specialty. These situations involve a high percentage of accounts that are skips when placed, meaning that they are missing a phone number or address. We have extensive experience with these types of accounts and utilize various internet based programs to obtain location information.

We feel confident in our ability to collect funds by locating the debtors and having a phone conversation. As a small business, Mars has the ability to dedicate more time and attention to our accounts, whereas our larger competitors cannot afford to do so. We can assign more labor to our accounts, and this gives us a competitive edge.

We work every account we receive and leave all of the accounts on the floor for several years. Mars works quickly and efficiently to adapt to changes necessary to achieve the unwavering commitment we show our clients.

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